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Why Offshore Companies?

Offshore Jurisdictions 

British Virgin Island (BVI) 



Cayman Island

For other Jurisdictions, please contact us.


Alliance, through its offshore services, will provide you with the full necessary support at each stage. Our clients enjoyed our high professionalism, continuous customer support and extremely competitive prices.

We provide the following services:-

Company Formation in various offshore jurisdiction

Company Formation in various offshore jurisdiction � BVI, Seychelles, Mauritius, Cayman etc Please choose from the list off offshore tax havens which offshore jurisdiction will better suit your needs.

Offshore Bank Account Opening

Alliance is able to assist you with the opening of an offshore account. Offshore accounts has several advantages. The offshore account provides the highest level of banking secrecy. All accounts offer multi currency service, phone banking, internet banking, cheques, ATM and credit cards. There is no check on your credit history.

We are also able to assist you with the opening of a corporate bank account with international banks such as HSBC and Standard Chartered in Singapore. 

Provision of Company Secretary and Administration

Company secretary's duty is to keep proper statutory records and report to the government or jurisdiction as required. We provide the services of company secretary in order to assist our clients to conform to the rules and regulations of the government or jurisdiction.

Nominee Services

We provide nominee director, shareholder, secretary and officer services we incorporate for our clients (if required).

The nominee director and shareholder service is used to ensured the highest degree of privacy and confidentially. As information on directors and /or shareholders must be registered in the companies registry, hence by using nominee directors and/or shareholder can the clients' anonymity and confidentially be ensured.

A Nominee Services Agreement is required both for your comfort as well as ours and to assist us in the proper provision of our services. Amongst other things, such an agreement avoids any uncertainty or confusion about how or from whom we should receive our instructions. 

Registered office services

Company must have its registered office in the country of registration irrespective of where the company's business is conducted. We provide registered office facilities in the country of incorporation. 

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